Brand Development


Brand development is a specialist area of marketing that is concerned with defining, developing, launching and protecting an organisation’s brand proposition. In most organisations, oversight for branding usually sits within the central marketing function. However, by virtue of the fact that the brand is the ‘global face’ of the organisation – it is invariably regarded as a critical element and as an area that the top team will want to remain close to, especially if any changes are proposed.

One of the challenges of branding more generally is striking the correct balance between external and internal decision making. Subjective opinions are very strong; some people like blue, others prefer red. Good branding requires a double lens: the first focuses on the organisation’s target audience – its ‘consumers’; the second lens is focused on internal stakeholders who will need to be able to connect with and ideally ‘live’ the brand.

Brand development may also mean coming up with new sub-brands for new service lines. This is interesting though challenging work. How much of the master brand should be retained, if any? What about the logo motifs and colour? And the strap line?

In my professional career I have been the principle custodian of the brand in two different consulting firms in which I had oversight for marketing. I also have experience of working with outside branding agencies when working on brand evolution projects.

My track record:

  • Working with the chief executive of a consulting business to refresh the brand. This entailed working with a branding agency as well as carefully managing internal stakeholders.
  • Working on sub-brands as part of an over-arching product development strategy which saw new business lines created.
  • Working on joint-brand propositions with strategic partners; negotiating brand utilisation and placement.

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