Business writing for my US client

Nsight 2 SuccessI’ve worked on a number of thought-pieces for my US client, Andra Brooks – who runs NSight2Success in Austin, Texas. Much of Andra’s work is conducted one-on-one with senior leaders; in addition, she does a significant amount of team development work. She was keen to ‘download’ some of her developmental insights which we have now done in a series of pieces, as follows:


I’m delighted to say that we have had some unsolicited feedback from the Sales Director of one of the world’s largest US-based luxury hotel chains. This individual had not worked with Andra before but came across the piece on ‘Positive disruption’ online. He then connected with Andra with the following:

Hello Andra, I was recently seeking inspiration to accompany a theme that I wanted to incorporate into my upcoming global sales meeting. During that time, I stumbled across your piece on the ‘power of positive disruption”. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading the article and let you know that the message will serve as the backbone to our content in the coming weeks. Your concepts and overall style of writing are so relevant in today’s world, and I really appreciate your work. If you’re ever in NYC, please let me know as it would be great to learn more about you. Alternatively, I’ll be in SF for the month of January.

Entirely unsolicited anecdotal feedback like this – from a potentially new client – really does validate all of the hard work we put in to generating thought leadership!

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