Introducing Ottmann Global Partners GmbH

LogoOttmannGPsv4I’m delighted to announce the launch of Ottmann Global Partners GmbH – a German headquartered global leadership and development consultancy. Ottmann Global Partners (hereafter referred to as OGP) is the new name of what was formerly YSC GmbH – the German division of YSC. OGP has decided to go its own way and become an independent firm. Changes in ownership structure at YSC have led to broader restructuring and the time was right for the German division to go its own way. For my part – I had already been working with what was then YSC Germany for the last 6-9 months. I know the leaders quite well – Wolfgang & Ira Ottmann – and I have been out to the German office twice in the past few years (most recently at the beginning of this year). I was delighted to be asked to support on the major marketing elements concerned with rebranding and relaunching the company. This work has proved to be my largest freelance commission so far and has included:

  • Advising on the company name (Ottmann Global Partners was one of a short-list of proposed names I had worked on)
  • Designing and delivering the new global website, including the provision of full-multilingual capability (the German pages are not yet all translated so this element isn’t viewable at launch)
  • Advising on corporate communications to clients. As ever with a rebrand – especially when the name changes – getting the comms right is vitally important
  • Advising on the brand identify. I did not design the logo – it was designed in Germany – but I gave feedback at all stages
  • Social media setup- principally in LinkedIn (company page, services, RSS feeds, etc)

This has been an enjoyable project and I am very optimistic that OGP has an exciting future as it moves forward as an independent entity. The firm is global and draws on a network of former colleagues – its ‘global partners’. There is a sense of energy and excitement in the new brand and I will be continuing to advise them on marketing related issues as they move forward.


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