Launching my new website


I have helped other businesses with their own websites and have finally found the time to work on – and launch – my own. It is built entirely in WordPress, an open-source platform I have been familiar with since 2003 when I first started blogging. Over the years, WordPress has proven itself to be a great platform for standalone websites, not just blogs.

Doing it myself has been a steep learning curve. Customisation via CSS (cascading style sheets) is how you take your site from being a very vanilla, bare-bones template – morphing it into something that is entirely customised.

For me, a responsive site was particularly important. ‘Responsive’ in this context means something that works across multiple media – desktops with large monitors, laptops, netbooks, tablets, smartphones, etc.

I’ve worked on quite a few website projects during my career, but all of these have been delivered by external website agencies whom it would be my job to manage. Never having been able to see ‘under the bonnet’ when working on those sites, instead going through project and account managers agency-side – meant that I never got my hands dirty with coding and tweaking. It’s a bit like a giant puzzle game; there are endless conundrums to work out but there is a noticeable sense of achievement when you get something to look or work the way you’d wanted.

My current website is a ‘version 1.0′ and my intention is that it will evolve over time.

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